This I Believe

April - Hollywood, California
Entered on May 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I believe that United States intelligence knew all along that there were no WMDs in Iraq.

I believe that politicians who pretend to have “the solution” to Iraq (be it a withdrawal or be it “staying the course”) are mistaken. I believe that there really is no solution, and that the only certainty is the need for the United States to apologize for the mistruths that led us into Iraq. I believe that “staying the course” implies that we intend to continue to blunder forth under false pretenses.

I believe that the win/lose rhetoric surrounding the war is meaningless and it diminishes the complexity of the situation. This war is not zero-sum. We will not “win” the war in Iraq. But I do believe we do need to leave Iraq and seek forgiveness from our brothers and sisters.

I believe that there will be more acts of terror in the United States, but that we would be better able to prevent them if our troops were here at home.

I believe that an effective leader (be it a manager or a teacher) should never ask his/her employees or students to do something that the leader can’t or won’t do themselves. And this is why I believe that there should be legislation stating that every politician—every Congressperson and every member of the Bush administration who has voted for or has otherwise had a hand in perpetuating this war, should be forced to serve one tour of active duty in Iraq. This includes the First Lady and the twins. I believe this would be more effective than reinstating a traditional draft, because this would instead be an elective draft. I believe that this type of legislation would put an indelible face on the horror for which we are responsible, and I believe it would drive home the preciousness of our soldiers. I believe that if Bush was truly in favor of this war, he would proudly and nobly stand up and serve, but I don’t believe he would serve. I believe that this would greatly diminish those in favor of “staying the course.” In fact, I believe this would end the war.

This I believe.