This I Believe

Zach - Glendale, Arizona
Entered on May 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Death, I fear thee not!

Death is an end to life. Most people think of that as taking away what they know and love, or what they have become accustomed to on this planet we call Earth. Some see it as the finishing line, the termination of all existence, or like some limitation to what you can achieve. They only think this because no one knows for sure what comes after death, and well, no one lives through it to tell us what happens.

The afterlife, such mysteries it beholds. Just the thought of it could make my mind wander on for days. There is no way any man, woman, scholar, philosopher, or wise man, can ever fully understand what happens to those who pass on. There are millions of theories, religions, and philosophies discussing this matter. There are people who claim to see ghosts, or have visions, none of which have been proved to my knowledge. I’m sure many of these declarations are made from the clinically insane. Who knows which is actually accurate? I suppose that’s when faith comes in, but if we are all alive, that would mean no one can have the slightest idea of what becomes of the dead. Therefore, I do not believe any of these concepts, but can only wait to see what happens when I pass away. I am very curious to what the afterlife holds for me, what the future brings. This is why I am not afraid of dying.

I was raised a Christian, I was raised to believe in a heaven and hell. If you did bad things on Earth, when you died you would be punished. I believed this for almost all my life, until I was emerged into many other cultural and religious beliefs of the matter. It made me question my upbringing. I wondered if there actually was a place where we would be punished or honored in the afterlife. I wondered if there was even an afterlife at all. I think I finally settled on the fact of living life as if it was the only life, and finding out about the afterlife after I die. Just think, I might even get the honor of becoming a ghost-like spirit, and scaring the crap out a naughty little kid.

It is interesting how if someone dear to you passes away, it affects you greatly, terribly saddening and emotional. If you think though, how many of us want to be mourned when we die? I know I do not want to be mourned, yet we still mourn for others, and sometimes not even realizing that we might meet them in some sort of an afterlife. If you realize that everyone will die someday, it makes it more enjoyable to live the life death will inevitably take away from you.