This I Believe

Kyle - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on May 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I don’t believe in god or any kind of higher being. If there was a god he probably would have struck me down by now. I’ve been to church a few times and every time I go, I just laugh to myself. I think its funny how people spend all this time devoted to something they can’t prove exists. They make excuses for their god by saying he works in mysterious ways…. its called chance and things happening because different things happen. I believe we were created out of pure chance from a series of one-in-a million occurrences and evolutions. I don’t believe there is any point to life since there is nothing after death and eventually we will all be dead, but living is fun so I’m going to try to live out my life. I do, however, believe the church is a good institution and provides several benefits for society. If I were to discover irrefutable evidence that disproved god, I would destroy it. If the church collapsed it would lead to the deterioration of morals and good. Not to say that morals and good can’t be taught without god, its just it would be a lot harder. God also gives people purpose in life. Many people would commit suicide because there is no point for living anymore to them. Many others would become immoral and bad due to the lack of the threat of hell. I am indifferent as far as dieing. If I die, then I die. Nothing will happen, it will just be over. I’m not going to throw myself in front of a car and I’m not going to kill myself over anything that happens in my life. I like living and I don’t want it to end, but it won’t matter much if I do die. I usually keep all this stuff to myself because most people yell blasphemy when they first hear I don’t believe in god. I have good morals and I’m a good person and I’m not afraid of going to hell or anything like that since it doesn’t exist. Religion is just not important to me.