This I Believe

Daniella - Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Entered on May 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Karma:What goes around comes around…

Right now, in my position, I can tell everyone what I’ve been through. I have lost friends, and people whom I truly loved for fake loves and for a “fairytale” that I created on my own; I believe in Karma. My name is Daniella, I am a senior student at “International School” and I believe that all that has ever happened to me has occurred due to the influence of Karma. I have experienced Karma in several aspects of my life. I believe in Karma so much, that I am willing to stand up and speak on favor of those, who like me, believe that what goes around comes around.

Karma is a sum of all that we as individuals have done, are currently doing and will do: The results of these actions are called karma-phala. In much more simple words, Karma is the belief that what goes around comes around. I first believe in Karma a long time ago, and I do not base my life philosophy on trivial things; the reasons I have for believing in Karma are deeply profound to me.

First, I believe in Karma because I have experienced Karma put to practice in many occasions in my life. As mentioned before, I have lost and earned many friends throughout my life. Friends are very important for me. I have come to believe that the reason why this has happened to me is due to Karma. The ways I have lost friends, as well as earned them are very similar. Once, I thought I would “never” do some things in my life, I even criticized those who used alcohol, lied, and in general did not live a “Christian like life.” Come to think of it, I have done these things, and one of these things is the reason why my best friend in life and I have become more distant. I have experienced it in many other small but significative ways. I believe that Karma is not something that is easy to believe in; it is a matter of carefully observing the way things occur in our lives.

Second, I believe that Karma can be applied to everything around us. In fact, Newton’s Third Law of Motion gives us a concept very much like that of Karma. If we recall, the Third Law of Motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Consequently, we can say that Karma is a concept of which we can learn even in the most elementary of physical laws.

Third, I believe in Karma because it is no coincidence that it is one of the central dogmas of many religions around the world. Karma is a concept described in the Hindu, Jain, Sikh and Buddhist philosophies. I personally do not believe in these religions; I consider myself to be a Roman Catholic. Karma, however, does not stand against the belief in one God. God, has in fact, a leading role in the correct development of Karma. This dogma, my dogma, states that God acts as a dispenser of the fruits of Karma or the one that makes sure that whatever goes around does come back around.

I believe in Karma, and even more, I believe that everyone else around me should base their lives in a belief like this. Even if it is not true, it is only wise to live trying to do good deeds in order to receive good results in life. I will live my life based on Karma and thinking that the better I do in life, the better I will live and au contraire.