This I Believe

Ana - Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Entered on May 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Breaking rules…

I believe that rules were made for us to break them. Rules are certain guides for conduct or action that we have to follow. Every home, place or school has certain rules that we have to follow, so that we don’t get punished. But if there were no rules, nobody could break them.

I believe that rules were made to be broken because every human has the right to express how they feel or what they want to do; because of rules we can’t do what we feel.

For example; perhaps we are tired of doing the same assignment in class every day, so we don’t feel like doing it. No one can force us to do what we don’t want to do and punishing us for not doing so.

I have lots of specific experiences like that day I remember I was coming in my English class and Ms. Almdale gave a detention for not being on my seat when the bell rang isn’t that ridiculous, to have a detention for coming in the class.

For every rule there is a punishment; we as humans sometimes forget rules and not just because of telling or doing things should we have a punishment. We have to live our life without anybody telling us what we have to do. If our life is better and happy by breaking rules, we should break them.

I think that rules are not necessary; they pride us for doing fun things and intimidate us. That’s why many people don’t know how to express themselves or they don’t do things they want to do; they are scared of breaking the rules and then receiving a punishment they don’t deserve. What if someone gives an order, ¿are we robots to do what they say? We do what we think is right. If it’s not right then we just have to tell the person that what he’s doing is wrong and give them an opinion why you think so.

“Rules” in my life experience have been like a rock in my way. For me the only ones that can rule me are my parents. Since my parents spend little time at home, there are not many rules. I totally hate rules and since I hate them, I don’t follow them and break them.

All of my life has been rules and rules because of the school; school rules are stupid. For example, maybe you don’t have money to buy those expensive sweaters at school, but you have a sweater that matches with your uniform. If you are cold you have to wear any sweater that keeps you hot; they can’t force us to use something that is a waste of money. What happens when your body is telling you that you want to go to the bathroom? ¿Do you use such thing like a “pass” to go to the bathroom? Of course not.

That’s your organism and if you don’t have a pass, you have to “pi” in your clothes?

Since the rule is like that, yes, and if you don’t obey, it you are punished.

A rule is a rule, and if you break it there is a consequence. That’s how life is and that’s how every international school student lives each day. You don’t want your life to be boring, so people decide to break the rules no matter the consequence.