This I Believe

Ann - Carmel, New York
Entered on May 11, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: children

I believe in the blossoming of a child.

I believe that it is our human joy and fascination in this process that impels us toward the divine and past the simple rough accretion of our kind.

I believe that parenting is a solemn trust, and that we are charged to parent in common all of our children.

When we bring a child into being without considering that it will require of us all of our resources, our energy and our creativity, we risk that trust. Does it not enrage us to see a child thwarted by inattention or abuse?

The blossoming of a child demands the full attention of the parent. Yet beyond this devotion the child’s needs are so simple. To blossom, a child needs food, shelter and safety. We could so easily provide these, and have failed to provide them, to every child now living. Does it not enrage us to see a child stunted and ruined by hunger or fear?

As living things, we strive that our children survive. All of human progress has pursued this goal. Why does it not enrage us that the care of our children in common is so rarely our first thought? Why is it not constantly, blindingly clear that we are in peril because we forget the imperative that our children must blossom?