This I Believe

troy - hollywood, Florida
Entered on May 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Friends: The Key to Happiness

I believe friends keep you going. I believe friends are necessities to life. Along with the bland water we are forced to drink or that weird invisible stuff we unconsciously breathe, I am convinced that friends are just another mandatory element we need to remain alive. I am also a strong believer that one cannot live without happiness. Friends are the key to happiness. When I am down, without a doubt, my friends are immediately there to give me comfort. Friends give me security that my elders, teachers, or even my parents cannot provide. It is something that maybe I cannot explain, but the feeling of knowing my friends are always there to break my fall regardless of the matter, is something I am proud to possess. When it comes time to have fun, being with my friends can magnify the situation tenfold. My friends are the joy in my life and when a problem presents itself that I cannot escape from, my friends are always there to help me find the unlocked door. I believe my life has been made a hell of a lot better because of the people I have met along the way, and all I can do is hope that they’ll be there for me in the long run. As my friends are always there for me, I jump at the opportunity to return the favor, as this is least I can do. I believe that friends are the key to my success, both in the present and in the future. I can honestly say that somewhere down the line, whether it be three or thirty years from now, I will be forced to rely on a friend and I am confident that I will have no feeling of nervousness as I know they will come through for me like they always have. Don’t get me wrong, I will have to rely on my parents for a countless number of things in my future, but there are some things parents just aren’t able to provide for their child and that’s exactly where my friends will interfere. As I matured, yea I realized we need food and water and air and all that stuff that’s necessary to maintain life, but more importantly I can now fit friends into that category and admit that without my friends I honestly don’t think I would be able to survive. So next time your friend loses your homework or hits on your little sister, just remember, they will be there for you when you really need them so put aside your homophobia and give them nice big hug.