This I Believe

Anna - Houston, Texas
Entered on May 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

At the moment, I believe that I should know that I can’t change a person’s personality, especially if it is one that does not respect anyone and completely ignores others even if they make a small mistake. This person who I recently nicknamed “Thunder” helps me learn what I should experience in my future in the real world out of my high school bubble.

If I recall correctly, last year I gave “Thunder” probably one of the best birthday presents I could ever give, tickets to see my favorite band of all time, Motion City Soundtrack. They played on her birthday and she would always tell everyone that she would always see a concert on her birthday. Being the sensitive person I am, out of sympathy, I decided to buy her a ticket to see this energetic pop-punk band play at a small club downtown. After that concert, I got little respect from her, still, but as the year flew by the respect meter went hit rock bottom.

I had no idea what I did in our friendship but make attempts to defend another friend while “Thunder” talks smack about the “other friend.” All the friend bashing just got worse and worse. The drama kept on flowing like the Mississippi River. How did I know that “Thunder” could be such a natural disaster in my life? As I talk to my best friends and other peers, I hear that “Thunder” drives them insane as well. How do we deal with “Thunder?” That is something I have yet to find the answer to.

My junior year in high school comes to a close, but my senior year awaits me. As I walkthrough my senior year, I will once again have to deal with “Thunder” causing a storm in miserable freshmen lives as well as everyone else. I also experienced that no matter how much you want to try, you can’t change EVERYTHING in a person. I believe that there is a little flame inside of them that will want them to keep their old ways and never change. Kudos to you, “Thunder,” I have gained new knowledge of other human behaviors. If I ever encounter another one like you, I can nickname him or her “Thunder” as well…or just maybe nickname them the other nicknames that you are very unaware of. Anyways, after I graduate from the institution that I call high school, I will probably never see you again…unless you show up to the homecoming football games after we leave. Knowing I won’t be seeing you ever again will make me want to graduate and go to college.