This I Believe

Christina - Urbana, Illinois
Entered on May 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Sometimes I sit here and think what else could possibly happen? And then I remember that God will never give one more than he can handle. This reminds me that I was made for the life I endure and reaffirms my belief in the divine strength of man. I believe that man is capable of accomplishing the most challenging of tasks, of overcoming their most strenuous burdens, of reconciling with their mistakes and of creating life anew. I often wonder what it is that motivates people to continue living, to continue trying and to continue failing, and then I remember it is not by accident. When I contemplate my mother’s drug addiction, I ask myself what it is that keeps her from peace and stability. Perhaps she has lost her faith and temporarily misplaced the strength and will that we all posses; for if one has enough strength and will to destroy, then he has such to rebuild.

She was a struggling single parent who always strived for the best and did everything she possibly could to make sure I was well taken care of and knew hard work was the rule rather than the exception. I never would have questioned her strength. When I think about her addiction, it makes perfect sense that it is no more than a test. We all have our tests: When the breast cancer patient survives rounds of chemotherapy-I believe in the strength of man; when I learn about rebellions against oppression-I believe in the strength of man, when I witness a heart transplant- I believe in the strength of man, when I encounter the homeless-I believe in the strength of man, and when I see a drug addict in recovery-I believe in the strength of man.

I believe that though I am torn now, I will find the will inside to patch up the holes and be strong for the both of us. I believe that she will overcome her addiction, no matter how long it takes, and that her muscles will grow so she is the strongest woman in the world. And every time I feel like giving up I will call into action my strength and hers because all I can do is live and remember that I was built for this, and that I believe in the strength of man.