This I Believe

Danielle - scottsdale, Arizona
Entered on May 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family


I truly believe in marriage. Marriage is not something to take lightly though. It is something that people need to think long and hard about because it is a life long commitment. I do not believe in divorce.

My best example of a good marriage is my parents. They have been together for twenty eight years. Although they have their fights at the end of the day they always say I love you and never forget it. My parents have been through thick and thin together and always stuck by each others side. I am sure that it was very difficult at times but they still never gave up on there love. It is amazing when I see them still holding hands and still flirting with each other and that is why I believe in marriage.

Marriage is a lot of work though. Girls need to keep up with their looks and not just give up because they don’t need to impress anybody. And boys still need to surprise there wife with things. To keep a marriage alive there needs to be excitement, not just the same thing everyday. If the same thing happens everyday the marriage will get dull and one of the partners is surely going to want a divorce. Marriage is sacred and should not be messed around with.