This I Believe

Anna - Trussville,AL, Alabama
Entered on May 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

What do I believe in? I found myself asking that questions after reading excerpts from the book, This I Believe. I came across numerous things that I considered but one I am very passionate about is my belief in God. I was not always a Christian and there are many stories that led me to my relationship with Him.

Before I became a Christian I was living a life of sin. I was a “good” person but I felt empty inside. I tried everything and I went to church all my life but that did not make me His child. Church plays, mission trips, church weekends, Bible drills; you name it, I attended it. I also felt inferior whenever I was around my grandmother because of how much she was on fire for God. She was and still is the biggest fan of Jesus I know. Nanny, my grandmother, lives for Him everyday. I always wondered why she was so joyful when most people probably wouldn’t have survived all of the trials and tribulations she went through.

One thing she faced that God helped her through was my grandfather’s heart surgery. See my grandparents are not as young as they used to be and my grandfather’s (Pawpaw) heart began to beat slower and irregularly as well as shortness of breath. So he had a pacemaker put in. During his surgery, I remember my mom, her sister, and my grandmother praying the whole time for his safety. Thankfully he recovered from his surgery but he is more fragile because of all of the medication.

The next summer I ended up having to get ten stitches in my right foot two hours before my tenth birthday party. I was heating up something in the microwave the glass turntable fell and sliced my foot open. Nanny happened to be over there at the time and I remember crying and crying in her arms while my mom called my dad to bring me to the hospital. She prayed I prayer with me that I will never, ever forget. Once I prayed that prayer I felt peace and I knew I wanted God to be in my life. So right there in my kitchen I prayed to receive the gracious gift of salvation that I did not deserve. I understand now that through all of these troubles I found God. Now I live my life for Him everyday!