This I Believe

Andres - Weston, Florida
Entered on May 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that soccer helps you out through your life with almost any problem. I believe this because of things that have happen to me and what has happened to everyone around me when I play soccer. Soccer is a sport that needs you to be at your peak physically and also mentally, because of how you have to play and what you have to do in order to win. I belive this because soccer has been my life for the past 17 years and it has taught me so much, like winning always comes at a price, always protect the ones that you care about because they will always be there for you, if you win by scores it doesnt mean that you won the game, and so much more that it would take me pages to write them all down. But how can a sport teach you so much you might ask. It’s really quite simple. When your playing a soccer game anything can happen, someone can become a legend or someone can loose everything including their life. So you always have to be at your best and never come to a game not wanting to win. Soccer taught me to care about the people i care about by one incident that happened to me during a game in Venezuela. Now games in Venezuela are alot harder than here in the U.S. because 1 you always play in the dirt, 2 the ref’s might know the people your playing against so you might also have to go against him, and 3 people bring all sorts of wepons to the field, and when i say weapons i mean like, needles, brass nuckles, sharp spikes in the shoes, and etc., so already it’s dangerous to play, but while i was playing someone came and tackled me from behind and you would say it was a foul but the ref knew the kid so he didnt call it, but before the kid left he started kicking me in the ribs, because i fouled him earlier in the game, while i was on the ground my whole team started coming to me to aid me and the whole match ended because of a fight, so what i’m trying to say is that no matter what happened my team was always there behind me %100 of the time and thanks to them i learned what it ment to be a family and help each other out. Well you might say well that happens in all the sports, well yea but most of the time people just get in the fight cause their mad not because they want to help you. Well if your still unsure that soccer can teach you anything let me give you another example when I was playing a game the ref was making unfair calls for both sides so naturally everyone started getting angry. In the middle of the game the ref stopped everything so he could go yell at my mom cause she was cheering to loud, so naturally my mom got madder and eventually they had to call the police to make her leave the field but instead of just my mom leaving all of our teams mom left with her and they started cheering on another feild for us. So eventually the game ended and we had to go to penalties, but our goalie was kicked out so i had to be the keeper, well the first kicks come and i saved one but let 2 pass me and we made all 3. Natru