This I Believe

Grace - manchester, Missouri
Entered on May 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Drive Carefully

I believe that in life you have to drive carefully. This is a literal and metaphorical belief. When I got my driver’s liscence my mom and dad were nervous wrecks and they always urge me to “drive carefully.” They taught me that the lives in my car are in my hands and are my responsibility. This is just one of the meanings of the term “drive carefully’.

Other meanings are more metaphorical. For example, you have to drive carefully when you navigate life as well. I am in high school so my life hasn’t been all that long yet but I have made some big decisions in the short amount of time that I have been alive. When I was in the sixth grade I chose to be in band. Little did I know that this was going to be a life altering decision. When I made this decision I didn’t know that I was going to devote my entire high school career to band. I could have driven more carefully at this point. If I had I might have picked a different instrument. Now that I look back maybe I wouldn’t be lugging around a huge trombone. I should have driven carefully.

“Drive carefully” also means that you have to know what you are getting yourself into when you do something. Recently I got my first job. I didn’t know how hard it was going to be. I need to drive carefully because it is hard to juggle working, school, homework, band, church, and other activities. It is really easy to get caught up and get stressed out about even the littlest of things. For example, in my English class I had to write a paper that had to be super long and worth a lot of points. I needed to drive carefully because at the same time I had a band concert to prepare for, four long power point presentations due, and church activities to attend all in one week. This is a lot for one teenager to handle.

Teens need to drive more carefully than anyone else because we get stressed out so easily. People think that teens aren’t stressed out and don’t have any pressure on them. Well these people are hugely mistaken. In fact teens are burdened by stress and that is why they need to learn to “drive carefully”.

Part of driving carefully is being organized, and that is one of the keys to success. Personally I have a bit of trouble with this aspect of it. For example, some teenagers like to keep messy bedrooms and others like to have them clean. Every time I clean my room I can’t find anything like school papers and jewelry. I need to drive carefully and clean up my act.

The most important meaning of “drive carefully” is being responsible. For example, I am responsible in the way that I never let my gas tank get below 20 miles distance to empty. I do this to prevent myself from running out of gasoline. When I do this I am driving carefully by being a responsible person. As I navigate my future I’ll remember my mom’s words “Grace, Drive carefully.” This I believe.