This I Believe

Ryan - Valley Park, Missouri
Entered on May 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

All in Good Company

I believe that you’re surrounding turn you into who you are. The people, activities and atmosphere turn you into who you are. The people and activities you take part in will most likely develop who you‘ll be for the rest of your life. I have experienced both sides to this dilemma the Good and the Bad. I have had friends with people who have good grades and study hard to become successful and others who didn’t try and slacked in school. Each group acted a certain way based on their activities, who, and what they surrounded themselves with. Both had a different effect on me the good in a good way and the bad in a bad way.

I moved in to Missouri when I was in 5th grade and met my first good friend Andrew we would hang out every day all day if I could we would go to the pool and swim or play catch. This was all good up until middle school when I met my new friends and started hanging out with them. We did all the same things, but they were more fun. Around the summer after 6th grade we were riding bikes and my good friend found a pack of wet cigarettes and he said “my brother smokes these lets try them” so we went to the near by creek and laid them in the sun to dry. About an hour later they were dry and we decided to have our first cig.Everyone coughed and coughed and then all of the sudden we were light headed and it felt good! So we took another drag and got hooked. I stopped hanging out with Andrew and started hanging out with them. All because one friend looked up to his brother who was a smoker we all got hooked. I continued smoking for a few years and the packs got easier and easier to find. I got caught a few times but it didn’t stop me. I got trapped in the “Cool” things to do and moved on to bigger and better things. In my freshman year I started drinking and smoking other substances just because I was surrounding my self with those kinds of situations because it was fun.

It took me a while to realize what I was doing and the show stopper was when I got caught for smoking pot I never thought this day would come but one day it did. I left my cigs and weed in my coat pocked and my mom decided to wash it that day and sifted through my pocket and low and behold there it was. Once I got home I knew something was fishy. There was my dad saying “look what we found” I just turned and went to the bathroom and sat with my head in my hands. My dad made me take my friend home and when I got back we had a “little talk”. My parents said they were going to start drug testing me and that’s when I knew I had to stop. A few weeks later my parents pulled the drug test on me and I passed.

A few weeks later after quitting and getting out of the game a friend texted me during school asking if I could get some pot and I said I could what I didn’t know was that he had gotten his phone taken away by a teacher. I was pulled into my administrator’s office not knowing what I had done and that’s when I knew I was in trouble. They went through my phone and looked through all my text messages looking for evidence. They found what they were looking for and then searched me for anything. I didn’t because I was clean and stopped using but, still got 10 days of OSS just because I was still associated with the same people I hung out with before I quit.

I do believe that the people you hang out with will have an effect on your actions and overall your life. If you decide to change you will have to disassociate yourself from them because if you don’t you will never get away from your past and it will become your future.