This I Believe

Kyle - Ballwin, Missouri
Entered on May 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that we should live life with honor. I believe this because if you think of the samurai of ancient Japan even when fighting against impossible odds they would not falter. They would stand there ground and fight for what they believe is right and honorable. With this example I believe we should live with honor because if we all lived like that we would all be better people we would not commit crimes our do things that are against the law.

Another reason why I believe we should live life with honor is because when I was 16 I was having a hard time I had just been arrested and me and my dad were going on a hunting trip with my dads friends from work and with there kids. Around the camp fire that night we were all going to bed and it was me and Don my dads friend and he came over to me and asked me about my arrest and told me things I will never forget. He asked me do you want to be like your dad and I said yes. Then he told me a story I will never forget and lead me to believe even stronger in my beliefs. He said “ you should Kyle you should want to be like your dad he is one of the best guys I have ever know your dad is probably one of the most respected men at roadway. If anybody needs anything your dad will gladly give it to then. I remember when your dad gave a guy he really didn’t like 15$ so he could get gas to get home to his family and your dad didn’t have lunch that day because that was his last 15$ he had. I can also remember when your dad took my shift so I could go to my girl’s softball game and that meant a 20 hour day for him and that also meant he would get like 3 hours sleep before he had to be back at work.” Then it came into my head the reason why my dad is so liked at work is because he lives his life with honor and respects everybody that he can. Right after I thought of this it came back into my head that I had just gotten in a fight with my dad and I ran into are tent woke him up and said I was sorry which brought I huge smile to his face that I will never forget. The after this I told myself I will try my hardest to live my life with honor and respect other so I can be like my dad. Even though I had been through a lot in my life I still remember that when somebody is disrespecting others I always think honor. And this is why I believe we should live with honor.