This I Believe

Charlie - chandler, Arizona
Entered on May 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change


Upon utter bliss comes what I like to call, the calm before the storm. An argument before loud screams of “Ahhh…” the slap and the crashes of hardwood objects on glass, I am gifted with one moment where I can feel zero pain, where I am numb to worry in its entirety. As if I could dissect a moment from the lines of light and sound that connect our lives in 2007, to any moment of the history’s past, and keep it for my own; an new world where time stands still from the element who acts as predecessor to all earthly elements……time. For this I believe is calm.

As amusing characters conduct their own lives of sitcom reality, within the infinite pixilization that they perceive as their everything, their universe, their life. Meanwhile a loss in translation conducts an argument from one thing that it could have been into another direction gone terribly wrong. I came from a childhood built on thousands of generalizations of what things should do and how they turn out; today this seems to be some kind of tall tale because we cannot control everything that happens. Nearing the end of this feeling of calm moves forward a rude transition that holds a huge change in the future, from the generalization that I head built in my head. From the calm to the storm, time continuously moves whether we want it to or not. From this vague explanation of an instance from my past, I can now see things clearly. For this I believe happened for a reason.