This I Believe

Mykal - Marietta, Ohio
Entered on May 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I believe that everything happens for a reason. There is a reason for me writing this essay. I may never know exactly what that reason is, but that doesn’t mean the reason isn’t real. Maybe someday somebody will read this essay and it will change his or her life. Maybe that person will tell someone about the essay and it will make a difference in one of the decisions he or she makes. One way or another reason is there and to me is completely undeniable.

Sometimes I ask myself where my proof of my belief lies. Then I realize that me believing everything happens for a reason also means I must believe there is no proof behind my belief. For example the other day I was driving down the road at a rather illegal rate of speed when a vehicle driven buy an elderly woman pulled out in front of me. The woman was driving well under the speed limit and to say the least I was a bit perturbed at first. After some consideration I began to think that there is a divine reason that this woman interrupted my crazed driving state. This helped me to relax and ultimately gave me a piece of mind. Maybe I would have run off the road, hit a tree, and flown through my windshield. I could have come around a turn and hit an innocent child riding his bike a little too close to the road. I have faith that the lady pulled out in front of me for a reason, but it is not possible for me to prove anything horrible could have happened if she hadn’t.

There are consequences for every action good and bad, and being able to believe that every action is set in stone ahead of time only roots me deeper in my faith in God. As the little Simon Birch once said “God has a plan for everyone.” Everything that happens in one’s life is part of his plan. He knows whether I am to mow my lawn tonight or not. I have my own personal choice to do either, but he already knows which path I will decide.

What has happened in my life is in the past I try not to dwell upon it. Each mistake I make is ultimately a learning experience I need to continue my life. I do not mind people who have differing opinions because there is a reason they have those opinions and also a reason they are made aware of mine. Every second that ticks by has its own meaning and purpose. My faith is a reflection of how I live my life and that is with an acknowledgement of God’s reason for everything.