This I Believe

Rhonda - USA
Entered on May 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Making an Impact

You must take care of your self but why not make other lives better on the way. I believe in making a positive impact in other peoples lives. From a very young age I remember my mother telling me that you affect everyone around you, so why not affect them in a positive manner. I always wanted to help others, if I could make a good living from this I would make this my profession. My solution in making a positive impact in other lives is to just plain out care. You must care about others to actually want to help them. No one in the entire world can make you care about something; you personally have to care make a positive impact.

When I say making a positive impact, I am not just talking about donating millions of dollars to a charity. I am talking about smiling at someone when you pass them on a sidewalk, bending down to help the mother that dropped her grocery bag, or holding the door open for the person behind you. I know that I said making a positive impact on another life but believe it or not this does make an impact. Common courtesy can improve someone else’s day. Common courtesy does impact others, with one smile comes millions more. Today there is so much grief in society a smile is worth a thousand words.

As I think more about making an impact on just one person’s life, I think about if someone would of reached out to high-jackers on September 11th or to the Virginia Tech shooter. As a society we must take care of each other, not one person should feel like an outsider.

I hope that I can touch many lives throughout my journey in life, and show others what it is to truly care for another life. This I believe, caring makes the biggest impact.