This I Believe

Tyanna - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on May 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Love thy Self


I believe you should be comfortable and confident in your own skin. I believe you should trust in yourself before all. Walking through the overcrowded hallways of my high school, I see a blur of students bumping past each other hurriedly trying to make it to their next class before that warning bell. In the crowd there are students I’ve attended school with through elementary and some faces seeing them for the first time.

Lost in the crowd of kids, I notice a boy I went to middle school with a couple years back. From middle school up to this day in the hallway, he has gone through many changes. Looking at him now, the youthfully, chubby boy is been lost. Through out the years he’s become extremely thin, wearing tight pants, with a trace of black eye liner. Seeing this change brings back his previous looks, from Goth, emo, punk, to preppy. The once happy guy always smiling and friendly appeared lost and confused.

Seeing him go through this cycle of changes saddened me. Through out the preteen and teen years, his struggle with his identity made me see even more the importance of being comfortable and confident with who you are.

Trusting yourself before anyone else sets you on the path of knowing who you are and being comfortable in that skin. Loving yourself shows others your value to yourself.

In your life you will interact with many different people. Some coming and going out of your life quickly or those who stick around for the long haul. During the time with either persons its important to look back to yourself for support not solely depending on them.

I was close friends with a girl for eleven years, meeting her in kindergarten, secure every since. That was until this past year she got a new boyfriend. Like any best friends we went through rocky periods but this did the most damage. After the new boyfriend arrived it was the typical story of one person changing, not making time for old friends, and finally the deciding factor of the friendship. After a heated argument of events taken place my friend makes a comment that, “I was being selfish and he (being her boyfriend) needed her.” This comment which was volunteered made me feel betrayed. The closet person to me had placed a boy friend of a couple months before me.

This experience brought me to a phase in my life of it just being me, myself, and I. Though I still had other friends this allowed me to cherish myself as a person more. I believe it’s important to have a love for self. It shouldn’t take a confrontation to realize this or take advantage. With self love you become more confident and comfortable in your skin.