This I Believe

Tanisha - Dayton, Ohio
Entered on May 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Social Justice and Poverty

Social Justice refers to conceptions of a just society. It is based on the idea that society should give each individual and group fair treatment and a just share of the benefits. Poverty is the state of living in a family with the income below the federally defined poverty line. Understanding these to topics makes me wonder if there are people living in poverty do we actually live in a social justice society?

I believe that society contradicts itself. There are many programs created to assist people living in poverty but are these programs designed to help these people remove themselves from their situation. Many people living in poverty feel that they do not live in a social justice society. They believe that they will be poor forever while the rich continue to get richer. These poverty stricken people believe that the government has designed a plan to keep them at this stage of life and that there is nothing beyond this for them. Having all these negative thoughts about their situation makes them adapt to the way they are living. People in poverty begin to become comfortable with their life, but they begin to believe that this way of life is it for them.

I once was a child that lived in low income housing and my mother once had to use food stamps. However my mother was hard working and very determined to make a better life for me. She didn’t let the negative ways of society bring her down she turned negative things into something positive and made the best out of life. Even though I know she struggled being a young single parent she did everything in her power to make sure I had everything I needed. My mothers’ determination made it easy for her to fight the struggle of living in poverty. She now owns her own new built house, car, and she has raised three beautiful children. This taught me that anything is possible; no matter who you are you can accomplish your goals and come out on top.

I believe that your life experiences can shape who you are as a person forever. If everything would have been given to my mother then she would have never known the true meaning of hard work and determination. I still believe that society contradicts itself everything is not fair and equal like it is suppose to be. Some people in this world have to work extra hard to get what they need and some are just handed life’s golden ticket. A family living in poverty knows the feeling of having to go to bed hungry, but a wealthy family has never had to experience this feeling. When people finally make it out of poverty they can appreciate their struggle because they can look back and say they made it out. You hold the key to your success, it does not matter if we live in a society that follows social justice in the end your life stands alone on your own shoulders. It is up to you to hold your life up, or let it fall down and crumble.