This I Believe

Thomas - Manchester, Missouri
Entered on May 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The Decisions We Make Today Will Have Consequences Tomorrow

I’m sitting in the passenger seat of a Volvo S-80, my father had just finished telling a story about a highschool athlete who had a full scholarship to some division one college and made the stupid decision of helping his buddies rob a liquor store. Needless to say he was arrested and lost the scholarship. My father then stated, “The decisions you make today will have consequences tomorrow”. I strongly believe that the statement he made is true. The choices we make today will have consequences tomorrow. However consequences are not punishment for wrong doings and they aren’t always bad. Consequences are simply the outcome of certain events triggered by the choices you make. Some consequences can be positive. For example when I was a freshman I had to take a science test that had a very big impact on the grade I would receive for the class. I spent that whole week studying for that test. When it came time to take the test I aced the test and ended up getting the highest grade in the class.

Some Consequences are negative and can be used as a form of punishment. I remember one time when I stayed out late one night when I knew I had a sporting event the next morning. As a result I wasn’t able to perform to my greatest ability and didn’t do well. Another time my mother asked me to do some chores around the house for her. I chose not to do them and in return I was grounded for the weekend and ended up doing them anyway.

I feel that people today don’t feel that their choices will have consequences and most find out the hard way. I see many students like myself slacking off at school and not doing their work simply because they don’t feel like doing it. At first life seems easy and they are enjoying themselves, but eventually it all catches up with them and they receive consequences for their actions. Whether it be failing the class, having to repeat the grade, or not graduating. I’ve also heard countless stories of people who made the choice to sell drugs or get involved with gangs and the consequence ends up being them losing their life.

Its not just young people who are affected by this. I have seen adults make these mistakes also. They wait until the last minute to try and get a hotel room and when they get to the hotel it booked and they have to go somewhere else. Another common mishap is when peopel leave their car door unlocked at night because they think it will be “okay” and when they come out the next morning its not there.

Everyone makes these mistakes, even me and there is always a small fraction of time before I make a choice that I’m not sure about when I think to myself “Are you sure you this is a smart decision?”. And most of the time, if I’m questioning myself, it tends no to be. That moment is always there right before I decide to do my math homework later instead of now or to study at lunch instead of before I go to bed. Those are always the moments I want back when my grade comes in and that homework was the difference between a B and a C or when I realize I’m in trouble on that quiz because I don’t know how to factor imaginary numbers.

I’ve heard many stories about people in a place where they don’t want to be because they made a bad decision and the consequences were harsh. You cannot do something and not cause anything because every action has a reaction. The decisions you make today will have consequences tomorrow. This I believe.