This I Believe

Benjamin - Northfield, Connecticut
Entered on May 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Because I do not blame my life difficulties on others, I have learned to accept them as my own. People often view obstacles in life only in comparison to obstacles others endure. Looking on the bright side allows the triumphs of others to shine hope. Lance Armstrong countered cancer, so why do I find myself in such desperation? Stephen Hawking was crippled by ALS and yet continues to be optimistically brilliant. Heroes such as these help others to know how their lives can be rewarding. Yet, when faced with their own obstacle they despair “What can I do about it?” They accept fate and discover a wonder less life. Isolation and depression ensue. But what if there were other options?

I believe that while living with a life obstacle one must use these glimpses of isolation as opportunity to find true personae. To teach is to know. I experience difficulties daily stemming from the genetic neurological disorder CMT. I have had time to feel sorry for myself, to ask “Why me”. So many times I’ve wished I could go back and teach myself what I know now, how to live life to my full potential, to see beauty and progress in everything. I encounter people daily who are in desperate states, but I know I cannot help. I cannot help them more than to explain that at the lowest point one can only look up. Today I find myself laughing with most satisfaction while with my cousin suffering from Lymphoma. He too has been able to solve life’s most tricky riddle. Words alone would not have been able to help him before, but I am at comfort now having seen him through. We have solved our paradoxes and are gratified knowing it.