This I Believe

Jennifer - Ballwin, Missouri
Entered on May 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

The Importance of Music

I believe that music is one of the most important things that all people should learn. Being a cellist I feel strongly about the importance of music in people’s lives. Some schools are cutting their music programs because they deem it unnecessary for their students. They feel that what can be taught through music can be taught in a classroom. But there are many things that I have learned in music that I would have never learned in the classroom. Things such as compassion, love, emotion, and beauty are not present in English or history class. Sure, the teacher may demonstrate these attributes but they are not taught in the curriculum. Through music I have learned teamwork and cooperation with the other members of the orchestra, all of us working together to produce one beautiful sound. I realize that not everyone has the talent to play a musical instrument or to sing but if they can fall in love with the music, they can learn unbelievable things.

One of my biggest fears is that old classical music will become unappreciated, die, and be forever lost. I find that teenagers today care less and less about the old style of music and entertainment as they get wrapped up in trash that teaches nothing but violence and inappropriate behavior. If the music that teaches majesty and harmony disappears then life will become a meaning less lull that has no way to express its self. If music is dumped in the garbage container and left to rot, future generations will not know the feelings of being one with a soft sweeping melody or be able to connect with the ever trying harmony. Connection, expression, and emotion are things that every human needs to feel in their life; things music can teach.

Music is a strong back that one can lean on when going through a rough time. And music can always understand what is going on and have at least a few notes that can connect to your heart strings. It is a healing force and a motivation to get through life, always reminding us that life does get better. Music is an important lesson that can be taught to all students through appreciation or performance that can sooth the soul in joy or in sorrow.

Music is expression. Music is life. Music is beauty. Music is love. Music teaches patience. Music teaches kindness. Music teaches teamwork. Music teaches us who we really are. This I believe.