This I Believe

Bryan - Ballwin, Missouri
Entered on May 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe we have the power to take initiative in all aspects in life. Anything beneficial to the world is the best way to spend your time. I was withering away in a world of dreams and unrealistic worlds when I realized I could be doing something more stimulating to actually achieve my dreams and create a world very much real.

An inspiration was the best way for me to get up off the couch in the rut of my mind, a never ending whirlpool of deception and undiscovered talents and hobbies. Although many will find this weird, Steve Irwin played a role in the inspiration. Through his death I realized his impact on the world of zoology and conservation alike. His belief was so strong that he started a new era of interest in the wellbeing of animals like never before. Through this event, it showed me that if he could do somthing, anything to benefit the world, I could play a role in forming my own impact as well. So I decided to do something with the never ending potential instilled in ones mind from birth.

By simply getting myself a job, the gateway of knowledge and experience through a position in the workforce utilizing the simple facts of life conveyed in everyday situations unbeknownced to me in an earlier innocence untouched by societies hammer of realism. It helped me to realize their is a whole new world other than the controlled world I live in. Not only is this beacon of reckoning embezzled deep in the back of my mind, silently beeping like a wake up call at the most undesirable time. It is a world of undiscovered lands in everyones mind, it just so happens that we all have different aspects of life yearning to turn the page.

These feelings are the motivations of productivity that awaken your inner idiosyncrasies well beyond those of any words that spill from another’s lips. The power to know that I can do something without someone telling me I can.

I believe that we all have the power to unleash our inner Einsteins in the forms of the abilities we have. Not to be swayed by any influences but that of ourselves.To write the book with the untainted words that flow from only that of my soul to the poetic pages of a book entitled life. This I believe.