This I Believe

Alexis - Manchester, Missouri
Entered on May 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

This I believe, everybody should be a hostess in a restaurant. Throughout my three years experience of being a hostess, I’ve seen them all. The cranky old people, the people that complain about the food every time but keep coming back, and even some normal ones. By being a hostess, I’ve learned many things. Most importantly, smile no matter what the circumstance is.

Don’t get me wrong, I know smiling at everyone is a tough one, but I feel it’s worth it. I started to believe this back at my first hostessing job, when I was 15 years old in 2005. I was seating an older couple in the back of the restaurant, going by the regular seating rotation. Little did I know, these people did NOT want to walk a mile to their table. The older man proceeded to tell me that I needed to go to war and get shot, so next time I’ll know when a couple over the age of 60 walks in, I won’t make them walk more than a couple feet to their table. At 15, I was torn. I cried and cried, dealing with complaining angry people daily. The customers would rant “My fries were cold!” or “my server, Jake, didn’t pay enough attention to our table”. I finally learned to smile at these people. I’d say, “Why yes ma’m, I’m very sorry Jake didn’t spend enough time at your table, it is a Saturday night and he’s got six tables,”

Not only has hostessing taught me lessons in my work place, I also use what I’ve learned in my everyday life. I feel I’m much more friendly to everybody and in some cases, I believe my job has taught me how to handle myself in difficult situations, which I also take advantage of in my life day to day. Whenever my best friend and I get in a tussle, I feel I handle it differently than I use to. I believe I’ve come to realize what is really important in life and what can just be brushed off. When we argue, I tend to just let her cool off, then talk about what had happened in a calm manner.

By being a hostess, I’ve seen them all, and I’ve learned. I feel it’s completely necessary to be overly nice to everybody because god only knows if their fries were cold.