This I Believe

Kui - Ellicott City, Maryland
Entered on May 9, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

This, I Believe: The Merit of Professionalism

Professionalism as defined in the dictionary is professional status, methods, character, or standards. In my own standard developed through work or life experience, I believe that professionalism demonstrates a full spectrum in meanings of dedication, competency, integrity, respect, and conscientiousness.

I regard that professionals are committed to the responsibility to motivate and inspire professionalism at workplace, by producing the quality of work exceeding requirements and providing superb services for colleagues, elected officials, or the general public. I understand that professionals strive to pursue excellence for our own advancement as well as courteousness to and growth of others at work or life.

My belief in professionalism, however, was not always held upon to a high standard. In recent years, when I observed some individuals abused work hours and company supplies, bred gossips, conducted prolonged and thoughtless conversations, I was struggling should I behave the same in order to fit in; otherwise should it be worth maintaining a moral right against moral wrong. In my opinion, professionalism is an integral part of moral.

Often times, having seen poorly produced work products of quite a few others at any work setting, I doubted about the value of dedication, competency, and integrity. I had even considered if I ought to continue to perform work in an attentive manner and carry out a thorough, extensive research. I was unwilling to prepare for meetings and withdraw from discussion, thinking that being professional and earnest about work would no longer be meaningful. Of the worst, in an environment where individual honors were deemed above the team-oriented achievement, I felt that it was foolish to help coworkers grow and even began learning to compete with some colleagues. I have to admit that I have once transformed to become a type of persons whom I would never admire.

Fortunately my astray was not lasting for lengthy, thanks to Daniella (my physical therapist) and Dawn (a representative of my automobile insurance company). In the last few months in year 2006, I was blessed to have worked with both Daniella and Dawn for different services. They inspired me to enhance my esteem in professionalism, by not only providing exceptional services but also demonstrating resourceful problem solving skills. Of the most extraordinary, Daniella and Dawn cared for their patients, customers, or teammates with respect and kindheartedness.

I am of the same mind with James R. Ball, the author of Professionalism Is for Everyone. In his book, Ball splendidly describes professionalism: “Professionals lead the quest for excellence. They raise the bar on performance and quality… When you choose to be professional, you are leaving mediocrity and apathy behind.” Professionalism is what I believe everlastingly.