This I Believe

Rosalinda - Helotes, Texas
Entered on May 9, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I did not want to be like my mom . . . unpleasant memories of my childhood quickly came to mind whenever I would utter those words or that thought crossed my mind. Because of those memories, I knew at a young age that I did not want to be like my mom.

Don’t get me wrong she was a good mother and I love my mother very much. She left this world over 20 years ago, my love for her will never fade away and neither will those things I learned from her.

As a young parent, I would often justify my actions saying I would or would not do something because I was not going to be like my mom. Today, having raised my own children and watching them raise their children; I realize it has never been about not being like my mom. It has been all about taking the best she taught me in words and actions, adding what I believe to be the best for my children, and passing those things on so my grandchildren will reap the benefits of our experiences. I realize that by focusing on the best – the rest didn’t have a chance to filter thru!

Watching my children teach morality, manners, respect, and the importance of integrity to their children is one of my greatest experiences. It’s also quite rewarding to watch them try to teach some of those important life lessons they themselves fought and rebelled against.

I am not like my mom, my children are not like me – we are ourselves – individual in everyway . . . a bit better and flawed in different ways each of doing our best to give our best. . . I am just like my mom!