This I Believe

Anna - Queen Creek, Arizona
Entered on May 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Miracle Allee

Big beautiful blues stared up at me. “Push me.” Three-year-old Allee pleaded sitting on a faded yellow swing, her feet hanging inches above the ground. “Please”. I looked at her and smiled. “Not right now”. I said, distracted by her brother and sisters competing fro my attention.

That was Friday. And now it was Sunday morning, just an ordinary Sunday morning. I was getting ready for church, trying unsuccessfully to arrange my long blonde hair into some semblance of order. As I worked on my hair, I heard the phone ring in the distance but I ignored the sound knowing that somebody else would pick it up.

A few minutes later I heard my mom call from downstairs. “Anna” she called in a distressed voice. Instinctively from her tone, my stomach felt like I had swallowed a chain and now that chain sat their becoming tangled. Something was wrong. I rushed to the door then hesitated before opening it. Did I want to know? Slowly I opened the door. My mom was standing at the bottom of the stairs, worry etched in her blue-gray eyes.

“Last night Allee Foster went into surgery. A ping pong table fell on her and she’s in ICU.”

The tangled chain in my stomach dropped and I started to cry. “Allee, Allee.” I said her name in my head trying to grasp that she was hurt. Allee, the little girl who never took crap from anyone, who would rather sit in her room all night than eat her vegetables.. I just couldn’t picture my firecracker Allee lying in hospital bed.

I had just seen her Friday when I was there to baby-sit. Those big beautiful blues stared up at me. “Push me.” Alee pleaded. I said “no”. I said “no” and now she was in the hospital fighting for her life. At that moment, staring at my mom, with the knotted chain growing in my stomach, I wished more than anything that I could push her one more time on that swing.

I stared at my mom for a while and then began to ask questions. My mom couldn’t answer any of them. I was scared. Scared for Allee; scared for her family; scared for me. Every other moment I thought of Allee. I kept seeing her sitting on her swing, staring at me with those big blue eyes.

Sunday turned into Monday and then into Tuesday and that knotted chain in my stomach threatened to suffocate me, and I kept seeing those vivid eyes staring at me. As the story of her accident began to unfold, my heart hurt for her and for her family.

In the late afternoon on Saturday, Lance, Allee’s Dad was making macaroni and cheese for dinner. Marcee, Allee’s mom, had just come in from outside after telling seven-year-old Nathanael, five-year-old Sandee and three-year old Allee to put away the cars they were riding around in their back yard, when Lance heard a loud crash from outside.

Marcee ran out first to find her Allee crushed beneath their 1000 lb custom ping- pong table that was left leaning against the wall. “Lance” Marcee screamed. Lance bounded over the counter to find Marcee attempting to lift the heavy table off of Allee. With no effort at all, Lance pulled the table from off her. She was lying on the ground, eyes half open, not breathing.

Lance bent down and administered CPR while Nathanael and Sandee stood close by crying and Marcee screamed hysterically. After three rescue breaths she began to breathe …barely.

Marcee called 911 but instead of waiting for an ambulance to come, Lance told Marcee to get the kids in the car. He placed a limp Allee on the seat and kneeled next to her, making sure she was still breathing, while Marcee drove like a madwoman the whole way to the hospital, screaming the whole time. He finally had to tell her to stop so he could here Allee breath.

On the way to the hospital, Allee began to periodically throw up and continued to do so until they reached the Emergency Room doors. Parking in the entrance portico, Marcee and Lance, who carried Allee in his arms, ran into the hospital with Marcee yelling, “Somebody save my baby, she’s not breathing” A nurse quickly took Allee from her dad and rushed out of sight to the back of the hospital.

Finding a place to be alone, Lance asked Marcee and his children to kneel in prayer with him. He prayed for Allee with all of his heart. Once Lance finished saying the prayer, Marcee got up bolted out of the room desperately looking for her baby.

Taking both of his children on his lap, he asked them, if they would like to say a prayer for Allee also. Both said yes. “Please help Allee to get better so she can come a play toys with me” Sandee prayed. Then Nathanael took his turn, “Dear Lord, please bless Allee with strength. Please don’t let her die. I love her so much…”

Reports from the medical staff came as often as they could, but they did not offer much hope on a successful outcome. In their religion, most fathers have priesthood authority to give blessing by the laying on of hands. Later that day after she was stable, Lance and another priesthood holder gave Allee priesthood blessing. Lance wanted to bless her that she would be healed, as priesthood holders have the authority in giving blessings to speak for and in behalf of the Lord if so directed, but he couldn’t say the words because he was afraid his will would be contrary to the lord, instead he prayed to the Lord to bless her to be healed according toHis will.

The next day she showed signs of improvement but later that day a CAT scan revealed more blood on her brain and the doctor thought she might have to go back into surgery. When the neurologist checked her he said everything was fine. Everyday she improved a little. On day five Lance and Marcee woke up to her Allee singing, “Eee…Iiii…Eee…Iiii…ooo”.” The doctors and nurses would come into her room just to breathe her air because they hadn’t seen a miracle in so long.

Almost two weeks later she was released from the hospital. I went and saw her that day. She was lying in a hammock nestled in her Dads arms. She could barely move but she looked at me with those same beautiful blue eyes as I gave her a little bunny that I bought for her. Everyday she got a little bit better and before I knew it she was running around with her sisters and brother, laughing and smiling,

It is Friday again. Big beautiful blue eyes stare up at me. “Push me” Alee pleads, sitting on a faded yellow swing, here feet hanging inches of the ground. I look at her and smile. “Yes”. As I push her higher and higher in the air, she laughs and that is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. I believe Allee is a miracle.