This I Believe

Russ - Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Entered on May 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The Driving Force

The runner hears the bat, he starts to run, digging the cleats into the moist sand, pushing off with every stride, the coach is yelling, he dives, beats the glove, tags the base, the bench explodes. The championship is won and everyone is smiling, except the other team. But this is what competition is about, someone wins and someone has to lose. But the loser gets up and is even more determined to win next time. This competitive drive is essential to life and rooted everywhere in society.

When I was young, I was in the cub scouts and my first year we raced wooden cars that we had to cut and make. My dad helped me make mine and I thought I was going to do well. I came in dead last, eighty-fourth in the whole pack. I was disappointed beyond belief. The next year, I refused to let my dad help me. I used the saw by myself to make the design of my car. I was not going to lose. When we raced, I was amazed I did well. I won! I beat eighty-four kids and won the whole thing. I will never forget that feeling, the feeling of winning.

Everyone knows this feeling. If it is a family game, a little league sports game or even a major league title. Everyone knows that feeling, the competitive drive it takes to succeed. This competition makes our society what it is. This competition is not just in sports or academics it’s throughout life. This being the case, when you lose you can’t hang your head. You have to keep going. This I believe. Life can be a competition, but some certain aspects definitely are. Life isn’t always about who is the smartest or fastest. It’s about who wants it the most and who puts the extra effort in.

Last spring, the lacrosse team that I was playing for won a tournament. We didn’t win because we were the biggest or the fastest. We won because we wanted it the most. In the close situations, we knew we couldn’t lose, so we stepped up played our hearts out. We had lost the previous year and we never gave up. The competitive drive inside of us made it so we didn’t step on the field to play, we came to win.