This I Believe

Michelle - Canfield, Ohio
Entered on May 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: forgiveness

Cut! Let’s Try That Again

I believe in second chances; sometimes that first try just doesn’t work out the way I want. I know that I do not have all the answers and will never try to act like I do. I am only twenty-one years old, still experiencing life, and trying to make sense of life’s crazy decisions it throws at me. So many times I have made a choice that wasn’t such a good one and the chance to do it over again with more knowledge and experience was crucial. Maybe you have heard of the recent movie called Click starring Adam Sandler. This flick is about normal guy that comes across a remote that allows him to rewind, fast-forward, pause and whatever else a remote allows you to do. The only thing different is it lets him do that with his life. How great would it be to just stop rewind and start over something you obviously did wrong?

I believe that many people don’t let others have a second chance. What I mean by this is say for example my day hasn’t gone so well so I come off as a rude, negative person. That is not who I am, but that first impression carries on with you. I work at Family Video, which is a video rental store, and our main objective is to give our customers the service possible no matter what. This means if I’m having an off day or say I just do not feel like being over-the-top nice, I have to anyway. Once in a while, I have too many complaints and have a lot of rude customers and then I take that anger out on someone who is genuinely honest. This is a point where I just wish I could stop, rewind, and start over because that could have cost our store a future sale.

When it comes to school, I believe that maybe I don’t deserve, but really just want my second chance or do-over. When I graduated high school, I didn’t feel I was ready to move on to college just yet. My brilliant plan was to take a semester off, have my fun and then start my journey. That semester turned into a year. When I finally started YSU (Youngstown State University), I didn’t have the discipline and will to excel in school like a used to. I lost my momentum and am still looking for it. I have wanted to be a nurse for a long time now and my dream slipped from my hands when they told me I couldn’t be in the program any longer. They booted me because you are not allowed to take more than two classes over. I feel I need a second chance and I could possibly turn it all around, without it I’m just going to continue a course of failure.

I believe in second chances. Everybody makes mistakes and needs a chance to skip back a scene or two and fix them. Now I realize that rewinding my life and doing it over is completely unrealistic and not good anyway. If you don’t learn from mistakes how are you supposed to avoid them later? But I have learned that you do not get to retake courses in college without any repercussions or have a bad day around someone without them judging you later. Without a second chance I can’t right what I have done wrong.