This I Believe

James O. - Cambridge, Massachusetts
Entered on May 8, 2007
Age Group: 65+

A Today’s Senior Citizen

When I was younger the thoughts of my later years came with mixed emotions: greatful for the long survival, but fearful of the conditons, which may accompany me. In my infrequent monologues, I would ponder my arrival status: would I be independently healthy, or what type of assistance would I inherit in my aging-trip?

Of course ,less attention was given to my financial health which is something most of us overlook perhaps, it should be ranked right up there with our yearly physical which rarely is missed and put doctors in charge of its good care with a fee of course.

With the proxmity of my 69th birthday only months away, I can only wonder what number of today’s senior citizens suffer such hardship as I and who even in there moments of genius knew that their life would become more financially demanding than when they were capable of meeting its need?