This I Believe

Eric - Lakewood, Colorado
Entered on May 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Chances come and go throughout our daily lives, but what if you always had that second chance to do it over, to make it right? How would we live our lives? Would we just take the first chance to do it right, or know that we have the second chance to rely on? I believe in second chances, but still striving to do your best the first time around.

Second chances only come a few times in someone’s life, but when a second chance comes around, for anyone to do better, be stronger, do they take the opportunity, or just sit idly by? I believe when a second chance comes, people should grab it by the horns, and use it to its fullest. When vacationing in Costa Rica, I met a tour guide by the name of Greivin. Greivin was a great guy who had a tremendous knowledge of the environment and wildlife, and he really made the trip fun. Six years before our meeting, he was in a horrible car crash that shattered his leg, and tore off much of his skin. The doctors believed he would never walk again, and he thought to himself, “I can do it, I will walk again, and I know it,” and sure enough after staying six months in the hospital, he was walking again. Now, after his amazing second chance at life, he is one of the best mountain bikers in Costa Rica, as well as probably the best tour guide I ever had.

After injuries, I have had great success after getting second chances at playing again. When I was in sixth grade, I was playing in a soccer tournament in Grand Junction, when a ball squirted out toward the 18-yard line, so I ran to stop the shot. I slid in sideways, the boy misses the ball and kicks right into my leg, and all of a sudden, I feel the worst pain I have ever felt I my life. The next thing I know, I am in the hospital listening to the doctor telling me that I had broken both bones in my lower leg, and I was about a millimeter away from needing surgery. The next year my team went to the same tournament; we won by destroying all the other teams.

Second chances occur all the time in sports as well, not just in injuries, but winning games. This past basketball season, we were playing Peak-to-Peak; “C” team, and there were 5 seconds left; they were up by one point. I decided not to take the shot that would have won the game if it went in, so we lost the game. However, a couple weeks later, I was put in the same position, except we were tied, and about 100 miles away from school. We got the basketball out of the hoop, dribbled it down, while I moved to where I was wide open. I get the great bounce pass from Russ Wilson, and took about ½ second to set up and shoot, swish, while the buzzer goes off. Thanks to that pass, I got a second chance at a game-winning shot.

Second chances occur if you are really determined to do even better the second time around if ever given that chance. Second chances are a part of life, and if used properly, can be phenomenal to a person’s day, or even better, their life. If anything that anyone ever did had a second chance to it, what would people do, or better yet, would we try?