This I Believe

Chris - Lakewood, Colorado
Entered on May 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect, sports

The Lovable Underdogs

Sure, many people have heard of the MLB’s dominating Yankees, the great undefeated streak of the UCLA Bruins, or even the 16-time champion Celtics and the great Larry Bird. But, not too long ago there was another type of team, the underdogs, the teams that no one gave a chance to prove themselves. I am talking about the George Masons, the Texas Westerns, and the Edmonton Oilers.

I believe that even the weakest or most disrespected teams can go up against all odds and still emerge at the top.

The media is the prime culprit of causing such demolition by teams the quote-on-quote “experts” analyze as weak and inexperienced. They say things such as, “That team is very poorly coached,” or, “This team can’t run a play without turning the ball over.” Well I got news for you “experts”, any team can do anything they chose to do. But with your strong criticism and harmful disrespect, they will play twice as hard, twice as fast, twice as strong than ever before.

Everything started in 1st grade. I was on my first real basketball team. No one, even our parents thought that we would even win a single game. One night, I even told my parents, “You two are just not believers; our team can do it even though everyone says we cannot.” That season we went on to win the championship and proved to everyone how skillful we were.

After that marvelous year, I thought no one would disrespect my team again. I was very wrong. When I was in 8th grade, some friends of mine made a basketball team that did not belong to any special club. We were just friends playing together. In our fall league, we finished dead last without a single win. My parents began to say, “Oh jeez, here comes another disappointing losing season.” However, this motivated us, we second-seeded Spartans, to the championship, against a very strong opponent. We ended up losing by 34 to that team but we still showed everyone that we were a strong team that could do what we wanted to.

People need to show everyone respect, no matter how skilled, how bad, how different persons are. No single person deserves to get their dreams crushed or their hopes destroyed. Give everyone that one thing they can hope for in life and let them cherish it for the rest of their lives. And most importantly, if you do chose to disrespect a team, be prepared for payback stronger and harder than ever.