This I Believe

Erica - Peru, Illinois
Entered on May 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe Things Work Out for the Best

Things in life are not always what you plan them out to be. I have lived my life fully for almost twenty years. In my life I have felt many times it was about to end, but life always proves me wrong.

I started doing gymnastics at the age of four. I enjoyed gymnastics and continued to stay in the sport. At the age of twelve I was told that my gym was planning to shut down. My coach was sympathetic, this was all I have ever known the gym was my home away from home, my teammates were my best friends, and my coach was like the grandpa I never had. I felt my world crumbling to pieces. After a month of waiting I entered the new gym it was like entering a new world.

I became conscious that things would work out all I had to do was make some adjustments. In my new gym I realized my potential in gymnastics. I was filled with great emotions seeing myself excel at gymnastics at such a high level. One day at practice, a tumbling pass went wrong which put my life at hold. I would never forget this day.

I was rushed to the hospital and the first question that came to me when I awoke, was will I be able to do gymnastics again? Nobody answered me. Finally, after tests were run I was told my back injury would disable me from gymnastics. I knew that from this moment on my life would be different. Nothing mattered more to me in the world than gymnastics. Gymnastics was something that I ate, slept, and breathed.

My parents were helpful in trying to come up with other alternatives rather than gymnastics. I understood that I could not live without gymnastics. I started to go to visit the gym, and after a while I was offered a job to coach a few classes.

I thought I would give coaching a chance, since I love to be in the gym. I soon realized that coaching took as much passion as doing gymnastics. I never thought that I would be coaching gymnastics. I realize that my students have the same dream I did, to be that girl on the podium winning the gold medal.

Gymnastics has given me something to live for. I started living life solely for gymnastics, now I found something even more rewarding coaching gymnastics. I realized that I can help my kids achieve their dream and mine at the same time. I recognize that things in life work out for the best.