This I Believe

Alicia - Magnolia, Ohio
Entered on May 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that children have the right to grow, play, and thrive. I have heard of, and seen too many times, when a child was left in their playpen, crib, or highchair to spend their day. Children need and often don’t get enough verbal interaction, skin to skin contact, nourishing meals, or room to play to let their minds and bodies grow. From the time a baby is born, they need a role model there to teach them how they are supposed to perform.

Imagine being a one year old child living in a world where everything has to be done for you; but meanwhile, you are being short sided. Alyssa has become a behind one and a half year old little girl, living a delayed life, being scared to be put in a bath, having social problem with other kids, having difficulties learning to walk, and is suffering by being neglected by her mother. This is an instance where a mother has not met the needs of her child, and the child is the one suffering. This mother believes that because she is slightly disabled, that her daughter is too. Alyssa has been to doctors, and in this scenario, that is not the case. Although the parent is delayed, it doesn’t mean the child will be. This child wakes up in the morning, gets put in a highchair with dry cereal to eat, and when breakfast is over, gets a cup and is sent back to bed. If the child doesn’t go to sleep then she is left in her crib to play. This routine happens over and over again throughout the day. This baby girl doesn’t have the chance to grow, thrive, or play to reach her full potential.

Again, imagine being a one year old child living in a world where everything has to be done for you. Only this time you are getting the care you deserve. Walking at ten months of age, interacting with other children, learning to talk, loving bath time, Adam is thriving from being cared for accurately. In this scenario, Adam is getting proper interaction, being fed properly, and is able to play and develop his mind and body. He doesn’t get held back or confined to a crib or high chair.

I believe that lazy parents, who don’t care for their children properly, try to blame disabilities on why their child is not developing normally. I believe that a child not only has the right to grow, play, and thrive, but they also have the desire to achieve these things.