This I Believe

Jessica - dayton, Ohio
Entered on May 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

There are people who are in real need of help, people who are in poverty. People are in poverty for many reasons. It is thought that people in poverty are poor because they are lazy. That is not the case.

People are poor because of the fact that they could not afford a college education and therefore have to work at minimum wage jobs. Some people even have to work two jobs just to support their families. A person can get laid off or not even have a steady job. There are also diversity factors involved. As much as society has changed, racism is still an issue in today’s world. Even though it is against the law, employers may not hire you because of the color of your skin. If a person is African American and they have a job, they may not make the same amount of money as a person doing the same job but is Caucasian. Since people are living in poverty, the government has decided to help those people. There are different agencies to help people who really need it.

There are some poor people who do not only need help financially but also they need social justice help. For example, I am working at the YWCA for a practicum for my Social Work class. There are clients who go there for help because they are either poor or they have been abused.

When I go there I see all sorts of people who are living in poverty and have very little money to do anything at all. Agencies like the YWCA do help people who are in poverty by not only helping them find places to live but also by helping them obtain financial help if they need it and they are eligible for services.

Even though different agencies are known to help poor people, they also help abused people. There are three types of abuse, physical, emotional, and sexual.

One day when I was working at the YWCA, I observed a lady who came in for services because she was abused. Her husband was not only physically abusing her but he was also emotionally and sexually abusing her. He did some horrible things to her. One of the things he did to her was breaking her nose. She finally got fed up with all the abuse that she threatened him. She was then able to get out of the situation; however it was because her husband called the cops on her. YWCA is working with her to sort through the tight spot by helping her find housing and getting a lawyer.

This proves that social justice is a very important thing to have in this world.