This I Believe

Emily - Englewood, Colorado
Entered on May 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Childhood Memories

I believe that every family has the potential to be successful.

When I was a child my parents used to make me little insignificant promises just to get me to stop bugging them about what ever it was that I was bothering them about. THey would say “I promise we’ll go tomorrow” or “I promise you can come back later and I’ll have time.” I have heard every excuse from my parents who were too busy working. What they didn’t realize was that each promise that was made and broken pushed us further apart. It was just one more disappointment in my life, another inconsistency. I remember in first grade everyone would be talking about how they went to the museum or park with their parents and their siblings, and I would be talking about how I watched my babysitter teach my brother to play another video game. I could never really connect with the other kids when they said that they had the most awesome time with their parents at Elitches or wherever they went. I felt distant from my parents because they never were around and even when they were there we wouldn’t spend time together.

Each child should have a good relationship with their parents because every child, good or bad should have at least a couple good childhood memories with them. Parents should take time out of their busy days at work to spend at least a little time with their children. Whoat I don’t think that parents realize is that when they don’t pay enough attention to their kids when they are littler and they try to make it up when the kids are teenagers, it is harder because as their kids grow older they are going to want to start spending more time with their friends. They are going to miss that lost time, but they are not going to want to make it up.

Now the relatoinship with my parents is very stressful and it seems like the only real conversation that I can have with my parents is about school related things. I feel like I don’t have a good relationship with them and I can’t talk to them because I don’t feel comfortable. I believe that no child who has two loving parents should have to go through that, feeling uncomfortable being around and talking to the people who brought you into this world and who love you more than anything else in this world.