This I Believe

Russell - Golden, Colorado
Entered on May 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I am living a life torn between two worlds: Science and Christianity. Where do I lie? In the middle.

One day in science our teacher read a quote that stated, “It would be best for your life if you believed in God because if there is an afterlife, at least you won’t be in hell.” Well after that, I asked myself if I was the one that was trusting in God just for trusting’s sake. What I found out was the worst answer I could get. I was. From then on, I read things to try to put things into line, but I never really got the answer I was looking for. I even learned that once, a scientist that helped develop the revolutionary black hole theory did the numbers on the universe occurring like it is by happenstance. The odds of that were 100,000,000,000124 to 1. Then one day on an average cold Sunday morning I learned a theory that was so common I never even thought that it was the answer. The Theory of Relativity was my golden answer. For example, the biggest question asked by Christians is how do I explain that the Theory of Evolution is false. Well I said to myself, “Guess what? The theory isn’t true because God never actually finished his creation until man arrived on this earth.” Well there you have it, one big problem solved.

I have always had problems with faith and science, but whenever I reach them, somehow an answer just pops out and solves the questions by itself.

Other problems I have had are when other religions are presented to me. I really am afraid of this because who wants to be wrong in their choice of ultimate reality and eternal life?

In the same book that I read the stats about the creation of the universe, the answers to the reason why the other faiths are false are all laid out.

So what do normal people think about the life that I lead? I believe people think it is hard with so many things going against Christianity, but I believe that although some things are disguised as an opposite to religion, they actually are the things that prove it.