This I Believe

Anna - Colorado
Entered on May 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“Nothing is Impossible”

My parents always tell me “nothing is impossible as long as you tried.” This saying always kept me going when ever I face a dead end. I am a Vietnamese immigrant in America, it’s not surprising to people that I am good at math or I am able to be complain free in some of the worst environment. Though, it never occurs to me I was always mocked at for my accent or the way my parents expect things to be more than perfect.

I didn’t know I was being mocked at until third grade when I was chosen to be a member of the color guards. It was up to the color guards to make the Pledge of Allegiance at assembly with their nice tucked shirt and the American flag. I wanted to be the one reading the Pledge of Allegiance while my fellow classmates repeat after me. Unfortunately, I was unable to do this because my English was bad and my accent made it hard for people to understand. I accepted the fact that my English was bad and I needed to improve my speaking skills, however, I can’t accept people laughing at me for trying my best. “Nothing is impossible I told myself every night while going though my ESL lessons.” Nothing is impossible.

Six years later, my English has become fluent and I’ve adopted two other languages because I believe understanding a culture you must understand its language. This will cause the amount of racism in America to decrease. The competition for jobs caused people to be racist is the answer I always get when the topic of racism came up in class. In this I do not believe. I believe that the lack of understanding in a diverse country makes it hard for people to understand each other; therefore there is racism in America. Now I understand there are many things that are impossible to change no matter how hard you tried. In this I believe.