This I Believe

Bren - Longmont, Colorado
Entered on May 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Anti-hero anthems (I Believe)

I believe the anti-hero anthems. What thoughts? What image? What is it that constructs the bold idea of a hero? Is it the authority figure or the gleaming glorified hero that lives so purely? Or is it just easy because of lack of individualism? The ideals of this leave me sick and twisted. I feel its construction is misleading you to look up to your hero and follow their steps instead of your own.

The concept of a hero is a heavy burn in the sparks of the energy that create an individual. Misled energy let’s say. I don’t think I’m right I don’t think I’m wrong. I understand that anyone can be your hero for whatever purpose calms your cravings. My question is simply, why? Though your average hero is screened and read in the same patriotic traditional sense, even your non conformist hero that suites you cannot help you.

What would be a better approach to achieve your life goals? No point in giving credibility to the hero that encouraged you because you’re just their footprints. Why not take their achievements and make them yours? Take in their accomplishments and use that knowledge or skill to better yourself in the events you want to succeed! And trust me, I understand that every peak of individualism derails at some point. We all die in the end. Though I myself have grown distaste for humanity and the day to day walls that trap us in, I do have faith in the people that we can build ourselves to do so much more then ramble about Michael Jordan or fund celebrity magazines. This type of desperation cannot move. The crowd doesn’t help you nor does your hero. You do. Initiate something new.

This is why I believe in the anti-hero. I personally credit this ideal because of its standings and to diversify my own thought. The anti-hero can be anything and everything you love or more often, all that you hate. The crooked credentials and unwanted essentials. It’s the murderous, raping, stealing, hurting, unbearable beast. And at the same time, it’s the good, the willing, the rich, the leader, the Pope. The other side of the spectrum I’d say. I believe in this concept with full support of it’s fight against everyone. Challenge all to learn every side and opinion of the subject. The natural nature of the beast fights the glory and consciously, suffocates the norms! What could be better! Another step outside of the daily cycles in the 365 re-runs a year. I’m not one known to argue balance, but there is nothing heroic about your figure without its enemy. With no opposite to gage, what could possibly make him or her so great, what gives them that title?

I don’t want to hear about your favorite athlete and how good he or she is. I don’t care about Brad Pitt or Rodney King. I could care less about your favorite author or how brave your cousin is for fighting in Iraq. There wouldn’t be a purple heart without enemy fire, just as there wouldn’t be success without failure. Your hero is nothing without the anti-hero.