This I Believe

Nancy - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on May 7, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in the power of God. I had a truly life changing experience which affirmed that there really is a higher power that can work miracles.

My only son, Brent, was critically injured in a fireworks accident July 4, 2001. He was one of the men helping with a fireworks display in a town near by.

I heard the phone ringing as I was fumbling with my keys to open the door to my house. Little did I know that upon answering that phone call, my life would be changed forever. As I entered my house, I heard the voice on my answering machine and I froze. It was my ex husband and he was crying. As I listened to what he was saying I dropped all the belongings in my hands. Our son had been air-lifted my Life Watch and was on his way to Wesley Hospital. I ran to my car and immediately started driving towards the hospital and the only thoughts that were coming from my brain were…what if I’m too late.

As I ran through the emergency doors, I didn’t see anyone, so I just kept running. The first person I encountered was a man with a blood stained shirt and a long pony tail. He looked at me and asked if I was Brent’s mother. I said “yes” and he told me he would take me to where the “other” were. As we walkedhe started to tell me that one of the mortar shells that Brent was shooting off had misfired and instead of shooting up towards the sky, had shot backwards and hit Brent on the left side of his head. At that point I didn’t hear another word he said. My mind went completely blank.

At that point I didn’t want to know all the partiulars of what had happened, I only wanted to talk to my son.

The doctos came in and talked to me. They told me Brent had sustained a severe head trauma to the left quadrant of his skull. I was told that Brent was conscious, answering their questions and his motor skills seemed to be intact. This was truly a miracle in its self. I asked to see him and they promised I would shortly. I started pacing. I did not want to talk to anyone… I only wanted to talk to my son.

The doctor did as he had promised and shortly I was lead to ICU. Upon entering the room I saw my beloved son. His head was swathed in bandages, his eyes swollen shut, little flecks of black gun powder covered most of the left side of his face. As I walked up to his bed, I took his hand in mine and said “Brent, it’s mom. Can you hear me?” I then heard the most beautiful sound in the world…my son’s voice. “Yeah mom, I can hear you, where am I ?” At that moment I knew God had truly answered my prayers because I was talking to my son.

Yes, there is a God and he works miracles everyday. My son is here to prove it.