This I Believe

Jennifer - Scottsdale, Arizona
Entered on May 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

To sit here and contemplate what purpose my life brings is simple, yet so very complicated. I am aware that I was brought to this Earth by my remarkable parents, looking to start a family. Now, what I choose to do with the life I’ve been given is exclusively up to me; which almost seems too big of a responsibility at this point in time. I will further go on to try and discover what my purpose truly is.

I believe that every human is brought to this world to contribute something new and different to society. The mere thought of that can be overwhelming to some, but purely an adrenaline rush to others; knowing somehow they can make this world become a better place. I feel as though my purpose has not yet been revealed, and I realize that I’m not at the point in my life where I have a career and can really make a difference, so being a role model is what suits me right now. I am committed to being someone my younger cousin can idolize, as if I were the sister she never had.

My life has been short in length, but seeming long in experiences. I’m about to finish high school, and just recently have gotten my head on straight. I owe my mom for that one; she has been the strongest influence in my life. She has shown me there’s more to life than having the most expensive pair of jeans, the most friends, or the best looking boyfriend. She has instilled in me that “it’s not about what you are; it’s about who you are,” that materialistic things are only a temporary enjoyment, but family and friends bring true life-long happiness. She has always believed in me, to become the best that I can, and never once has thought I was capable of failing.

Tough times in my younger cousin, Katy’s, life has led me to strive to be her role model. Her mom has been battling breast cancer for a couple years, and her father just recently became quite sick, and it has changed me and made me closer to her. She is someone I give advice to, whether it is about boyfriends, clothes, or even life in general. She looks up to me and by her taking my advice to heart, I really have seen a lot of myself in her as she continues to grow up. She has taught me a lot of things as well, and being open to learning from other people’s outlooks, I have a whole new perspective on life.

I go about living life to the fullest each day, as if everyday was my last. I strive to be the best sister, daughter, niece, cousin, and friend that I can possibly be and hope that one day I will impact someone in such a way that will make all of my life worthwhile.