This I Believe

Ellie - Evergreen, Colorado
Entered on May 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Imagine being in a car rolling out of control, and then experiencing someone holding you, and pulling you through the broken window of the moving vehicle. I believe in miracles.

It is true that millions of people get into different kinds of trouble everyday, but the most common is the handful of people who get themselves into car accidents. It all started when my brother, Chris was heading into town to run to the bank before it closed. Chris was cruising down the highway in his dazzling red Acura, on what was though to be a harmless errand. Things suddenly turned into a deadly situation, while sitting in the front seat he could hear the tire blowing out, and before he could think, in that split second, he was ejected from the car onto the thick, black asphalt with the only consequences of a crushed pelvis and a broken nose.

When the news arrived to my parents they were in shock, and hesitated to tell me what had happened. When they told me that he was in critical care and could possibly leave us, I was scared and I did not know what to make of it. I cried myself to sleep that night and wondered how scared he must be to know that he could possibly lose his life; I also came to the conclusion that for this to happen to my brother, there must not be miracles after all. After a week or two, my brother was in recovery mode and would eventually be able to function again; at least that is what the doctors said. Chris came and lived with us for a couple months and miraculously was on a fast road to recovery. I guess that for Chris to live trough this crisis, miracles must truly exist.

Not everyone has endured a miracle yet; but a miracle will soon find them. Miracles should not be underestimated no matter how big or small, I didn’t know miracles existed until my brother illustrated it for me.