This I Believe

dave - Oakland, Oregon
Entered on May 6, 2007
Age Group: 65+

I used to listen to NPR and believe what they told me was true and worthy of my attention—–and what they ignored was not. I believed the news readers knew what they were talking about and not just regurgitating talking points.. I believed their viewpoint was progressive and enlightened.

When the towers fell, all of that changed. Since then, my eyes have been opened—as much by what NPR won’t talk about as by what it will. Internet research has taught me NPR is no more than the parrot of government and the corporations from which it draws funding. Has NPR dug into the coverup of the tragedy? No. Will they? No.

Now the filtered pap parroted by the silken voices at NPR inspire literal nausea in this listener. Now while I work building my house during the day and NPR news interrupts the music, I must come down off my ladder and silence good old Lack Schmee Sing before her mindless recital of propaganda literally sickens me. This has nothing to do with Left or Right, Democrat or Republican. It has to do with a radio system become the lapdog of corporations and government. It has to do with the death of real journalism in America and it has to do with the advent of a totalitarianism.