This I Believe

Ursula - Yankton, South Dakota
Entered on May 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in single moms; we do twice as much work as most parents and we stand alone in raising our children. We are up all night when they are sick, we comfort them when they are scared and praise them for doing the smallest tasks. We hold their little hands inside our own and cry with them when they see the doctor. We pick our children up when they fall down and our kisses work better than any medicine.

As single moms we are devoted to the happiness and well being of our children. And when they ask, “Where’s my daddy?” we try our hardest to hold back tears and give the best explanation possible so they don’t feel sad or abandoned. We also hold back tears when they throw tantrums and yell for their daddy saying, “He’s coming to pick me up.” As children they have such conviction in their voices; truly believing their father will come home. But we know better, we know this will not happen yet we are unable to tell our children the truth. We refuse to break their hearts or become the blame for it.

Do not underestimate single moms; we are strong, independent and dedicated to our children. We go on with life, regardless of any obstacles, and love our children everyday. It is not a burden to be a single mom but more of a blessing. Along with all the sorrows we may encounter, come many more joyful moments that make us proud to be mothers. We make it to every event in their lives and show them we will always be there no matter what.

We are full time moms, who put in overtime, and still make it to a full time job or to school. We know the true meaning of making ends meet, putting our children first and what love really means. We may cry on their first day of school, but soon we see the joy in their faces when they come home to talk about all the fun they had. Our children become our best friends and we find more happiness in taking them to the park instead of partying all night. There is no better sight than seeing their little faces light up when we are able to buy them the right birthday or Christmas presents. And when we hear their sweet little voices say, “I love you mommy.” we truly know it is all worth it.

I believe in single moms, we do the best we can while being on our own. Don’t judge us for being alone, we are still mothers same as any other. It is not always a choice we have made yet we hold our heads high and face the world without ever looking back.