This I Believe

Emily - Weaverville, North Carolina
Entered on May 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that the female body is sacred and beautiful. I believe that it does not matter what size who have to wear to fit into your pants, so long as you are healthy. Every woman is shaped, built, and rasied differently. These factors may contribute to the weight that her doctor says is healthy. I am thirteen years old, weigh 120-126 pounds, and in a size 5-7. Does this make me fat? Does this make me over weight in any way? No, of course it doesn’t. In fact a size a eight is normal for a average woman. We are just living in a day that tells us that we must wear a size two. This may be true for some. I know a girl who is as tiny as a nine year old, but she is actually older than me. She wears a sixe two, if even that, and it is healthy. We need to stop being judged around pants size because every woman wears a different healthy size. There is nothing wrong with the girl in the size two, but if I were is a size two I would understand if people were afraid for my health. If the girl in the size two were in a size seven I might be worried for her. It’s all about buidld.

Now let’s get something straight. When I say build I don’t mean that every tall a person is going to be broad and every short person is going to be skinny. In some cases this is true. The girl I mentioned above is very short, tiny in ever place. I am fairly short too, at 5″2 and I am broad. My sister Hannah is very tall and thin, often fitting into a size 1-2. All of these are normal. My sister eats and eats and she never gets any wider. I could get only lean meals and, though I would lose weight I would never fit back into a size two. The last time I fit into a size two comfertably was fifth grade. I don’t think I’m ever getting there again and that’s okay with me.

The judgement of a woman iw soften dictated by the media. Even if the contents is good, like a excersise routine to get our abs in shape, the cover of the magazine says “Get a flat stomach!” We walk past this at the grovery store. We see it and look down at ourselves and think “My stomach is far from flat.” I’ve seen comercials a for certain diet plan where the women are bragging about being back in a size two. Honestly the woman on the screen looks more like a size four. The media tells us these lies to make money and it is degrading. It needs to be stopped.

Make-up has always been in arguement in my own mind. Do I wear it? The truth is I do wear make-up, but not because I’m tryign to impress a guy or look supermodel perfect. I wear it because I like to. Honey, the cover girl on the tabloid your looking at, she’s photoshopped right down to the very last pore. She had no pores. She is not real. She didn’t really use that liqiud foundation to cover her zits and blackheads. She used a computer and scanner. Don’t feel like you have to look like her. That is an impossible feat. Ladies, wear make-up, but wear it so that you are happy. Don’t wear to look like someone your not. There is nothing wrong with wearing a little lip-gloss and mascara. What is wrong is worrying over the fact that you forgot it. I know a girl who gets all upset if she forgets her cover-up. The sad thing is, she looks much prettier and much more natural without it.

Girls, be a girl. Don’t be a Barbie Doll. Have fun. Have dreams. Have a life and live it without the pressure of beauty because, sweetheart, your beauty comes from within. Beauty is who you are, pretty is how you look. The saying “beauty is only skin deep” is not entirely accurate. Pretty is only skin deep, but true beauty goes right down to the very core of you. Bring your sense of beauty out into the world, sisters. Your pretty is tired. Leave her at home.