This I Believe

Cody - Cave Creek, Arizona
Entered on May 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Don’t Live In The Past

This I Believe…

Have you ever wanted to change the past? My mom says to me, “You cannot change the past but the future is still in your control,” especially after I do something wrong. I think that I am starting to believe her. I’ve done and said things that probably weren’t the best choice, but I have learned that there is no going back and changing them.

Living with no regrets is a big part of my life. What is more important, what you did or what you will do? It is better to make up for your mistake than dwell on them. I play baseball and I can relate a lot of actions that I make to be ones that might be regretful. On the field it is easy to make an error. I’ve made just as much as the next, but if I let something like the ball rolling between my legs effect me than it shows in the way that I play. I will have body langue that says I’m responsible for losing the game. When I see players get down after doing something bad I know that they are probably going to make another mistake. Sometimes when I make an error and it makes me angry it usually affects the way that I hit or throw. The best way to deal with a regretful action is to brush it off, forget about it, and move on. What’s the use in letting one thing affect another?

This lesson is the same throughout life. Do not let one decision keep you from doing something else. If you dwell on the things of the past then you will find yourself living in the past and trying to right every wrong that you ever made.

In January of 2006 I was doing one of my favorite sports, snowboarding. It was the weekend of Martin Luther King Day and I had planned on spending the weekend on the slopes of Big Bear Mountain in California. I was set to have an awesome weekend of shredding, but one decision messed up my plans in a major way. I went of a jump with way too much speed and in the air I was completely upside down. I came crashing down to the icy hill hitting my back and knocking me unconscious. I had broken my back in two places and tore some tendons in my knee. I did not let it get to me. Three months later I was starting for my school’s baseball team. Also I am back on the slopes and doing what I love the most. A crash would not hold me back from doing what I loved.

Some people would have never taken another risk for fear of getting hurt again. I decided to not regret anything about the experience, and I moved on with my life. I believe in living with no regrets.