This I Believe

Adam - Scottsdale, Arizona
Entered on May 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

The will to Work

“Genius is one of percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” My mother always taught me that hard work is always appreciated by the company. Hard work will get you places where you need to go not only in your job but also in life. So I always have taken those words of advice from my mother to every job that I have held, it has definitely helped me get through tough times at work when I didn’t want to work. I remember the first words that ever came out of my bosses mouth on my first job was “You really know how to work keep it up.” So I turned to him and said “My mom taught me well, I guess it really does pay to come to work with a good attitude and a smiling face.” He smiled and said “That’s why I like you, your ambition is great.”

I work like an ant to make sure that my job is a hundred-ten percent complete. I believe in working hard to get your job done right its not about how quick you achieve your goal but how well your goal is completed. The way to complete your goal is to work hard at what ever pace is necessary. Thirty minutes until closing time, things need to be done, so I bust my tail off to get things cleaned up and get the warehouse ready for tomorrow so I can inch closer to a better day at work tomorrow.

Have you ever tried working hard for a change at a job you don’t like? I have, let me tell you how much I succeeded at the job that I thought would be boring, and dumb. My manager liked my ambition to get things done, and how I always had the attitude and ambition to do the necessary work and even sometimes more than assigned. It definitely helped me out in the long run, I was moved up to store manager and was making double figures by working hard.

When you are sixteen years old and you’re looking for a job what do you want to do most to impress your employer? I always said hard work to that answer from my first job to the job I am at now. It definitely helped me get to where I am at now, and will help get to the places where I want to go next. This is what impresses employer’s most great ambition smiling attitude, and a great attitude for work. I believe in hard work.