This I Believe

Karrie - Parachute, Colorado
Entered on May 4, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that a smile is the most genuine form of communication.

A smile is an effortless, yet powerful expression that speaks a million words. When used, a smile can communicate so many feelings such as happiness, gratitude, admiration, understanding, love, and friendship to name a few. When received it shows the simple act of kindness. A smile radiates a positive attitude and a happy soul. My favorite people are always those who are not afraid to smile.

A smile is one of the most basic expressions of human nature. It begins at birth when a newborn baby smiles with their toothless gummy grin. What a simple, easy gesture a smile can be, but becomes such an important ingredient of our daily lives.

A smile can be given to a perfect stranger to let them know that you accept them as who they are. A smile can be given to a sister to show her how much she is appreciated. A smile can be shared with your parents to show them that you admire and respect them. A smile can be given to your spouse to show him how much you love and adore him. A smile can be shown to your children for reassurance that you are proud of them. A smile can be contagious, especially when laughter is attached. A smile only takes a second yet can last forever.

Although this is a very simple concept, I believe that by smiling at each opportunity you get you have the ability to brighten your day and spread some light on the day for others. I want people to know that they can always count on a smile from me.