This I Believe

Cassandra - Stafford, Texas
Entered on May 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity

Being honest is easy. A great deal of people would disagree because giving an honest reply is sometimes the most complex thing to do. Most people’s difficulty is telling the truth, but opposite from the contrary my problem is being too open. Some people call me bitter, some people call me stuck up, some people call me rude, and some people even call me arrogant, but deep down inside I just can not help but tell the truth. People have tried to transform me by telling me that if I do not change more people will perceive me as a “female dog”, but everyone knows my head is as hard as a brick wall. Honestly, I would not care if people perceived me that way. My boyfriend is definitely one of the nicest people that I know. It is quite ironic how he ended up with me, such a “mean” person. Out of all people, my boyfriend, Johnny, was the one that had to do the most adjusting to my personality. He did not know why I was so honest to people that he even recommended me to go to church again so I could become a nicer person. Thank God, I have a best friend that is quite the character and is straightforward just like me. I could not relate to anyone else while gossiping except for her, since both of us shared the same beliefs. Even though this whole essay has been about how “mean” I am, let me clarify that I am a very sweet person, just do not get on my bad side! I believe that being a good friend plays a big part in being sincere to the person. I rather tell my friend that her dress is super ugly than oh my god, it is so cute, because I want to save them the humiliation. Although sometimes I do not want to upset my friends, I want to inform them my honest judgment because they ask for my honest judgment, not just the reply that they want to hear. I have learned the hard way that no matter what people say about you or think about you, if you can not be who you are with comfort; they are probably not the right people to be involved with. I believe being too honest is better than telling a lie.